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Sir Ferdinand and Arnaldo Aresendi

welcome dear visitors of their and my site


A few words presenting me and my dogs will follow. I moved to Moscow suburb in 1999. I never had a dog before because I was sure that dog’s living in Moscow flat is not comfortable for dog of either small or large breed. My first dog’s breed preference was dachshund. In year 2003 I bought my first dog – dachshund normalgrusse kurzhaar (official name Renaissance Soldo, home name Diesel). One year later I bought another dachshund zwerg rauhhaar (official name Renaissance Taras Brown, home name Celt). Dachshunds are pretty and clever dogs. They are body guards small but brave really. But I would have one more dog of larger clever and not angry breed. I would to buy sredneaziatskaya ovcharka or kavkazskaya ovcharka but after deep thinking about breed choice we have decided that breed is too large and we will fail to manage it. Occasionally my choice was stop on arctic spitz – Samoyed dog with pretty white snow fur. Thus I became owner of my first Samoyed dog with name Akela. Owing to Akela I have created this website and now site is in memory of Akela. Akela was wonderful dog - clever and very obedient. I was happy with welcoming Akela. I will remember him forever. Nowadays I am owner of two Samoyed dogs: Sir Ferdinand and Arnaldo Aresmendi. They are good guys. If they could transform into humanitarians then they will be glamour playboys. I am glad that they won many titles on prestigious dog shows. I am glad that Sir Ferdinand and Arnaldo Aresmendi are my good home friends and partners for travel. I wish visitors to see our site with pleasure.

Update 14.05.13 2006-2013