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About breed

Samoyed dog
Samoyed, Samoyedskaya Sobaka
Height in withers: male dog - 57 cm;
female dog - 53 cm;
tolerance ± 3 cm
Color: snow-white
white with biscuit tincture
and cream-colored
Motherland: Russia
Standard FCI No. 212

Samoyed dog (arctic or polar spitz dog) is aboriginal Russian breed, called in the name of one Lappish tribe “Samoyed”. Travelers visiting Russia in 18th century have mentioned in their reports about downy dogs of Northern Russia used for deer herding, hunting and sledge. In the end of 19th century polar pathfinder Scott has brought Samoyed dogs to Europe for breeding. Dogs of white and biscuit colors were used for breeding only although animals of other colors were available by nature. Samoyed dogs became at once very popular amidst English aristocracy. The royal family of England patronized dog-breeders contributing to success of Samoyed breed. Bought in Russia Samoyed dog teams pull sleds of F. Nansen expedition to North Pole. In 1911 R. Amundsen has reached South Pole with dog team leading by Samoyed. In 1957 Soviet satellite having on the board dog Laika brought dog to near-Earth orbit. Very likely that epic dog was crossbreed of Samoyed and became first a living being launched to the cosmos. Unfortunately attention to Samoyed breeding was not paid in Russia after October 1917 revolution. Following to some information pretty and apprehensive Samoyed dogs were repressed. Not numerous Samoyed populations were kept in outland settlements of Northern tribes. Repatriation of offspring of Samoyed dogs moved many years ago to Europe and America was started in 80s-90s of 20th century. Since that time Russian dog breeders work diligently and systematically on breeding of high quality dogs responding to World standard of Samoyed breed. Samoyed dog is rational, attentive and loyal to Master. Dog is trained easy. Samoyed can participate in competition like as execution of obedience to common orders, Northern dog teams’ races and surmounting an obstacle named agility. Samoyed can serve as rescue dog and guide-dog for blind man. During competition on control under flock of sheep held often in USA Samoyed dogs easy manage the following tasks: force the flock to leave sheep cote, guide the flock through a few gates, lock the flock in sheep cote, guide part of flock into auto trailer and collect and force the flock to go back sheep cote.


Natural hand-feed should include: fermented milk products, beef meat, sea fish, kasha, cereal, vegetables (except potato) and vegetable oil. Please keep in mind when make choice among dry food that cheap food can cause hair yellowing and health deterioration.


Samoyed dog is enduring, not afraid hot weather, can reside in the room. But it seems the preferable way of keeping is inhabitation out. White downy hair is required extra care including thorough combing by special brush and comb. Sopping and dirty hair should be cleaned and dried quickly to keep it in ideal condition. After bathing hair should be dried and brushed carefully. It is recommended to use shampoo for white-colored dogs with whitening effect and if it will be needed to use shampoo enhancing volume plus conditioner. For dogs participating in show additional cosmetics is needed: varnishes, dry shampoo, whitening and cleaning show sprays. Samoyed casts its coat one or two times annually. As a rule casing-of-coat time is short. To avoid long time casting-of-coat it is recommended to give dog special biologically active pills contributing to normal course of casting and improving hair condition.

Update 14.05.13 2006-2013